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Retro: Red Hat Linux 9

Retro: Red Hat Linux 9

Installation Tutorial : Red Hat Linux 9

Here, I show you how to install Red Hat Linux 9 in Step-By-Step.

If anyone has a request for any kind of downloads or installations or hardware/software troubleshooting tutorials then leave them in the comments section with the hash tag OnRequest(i.e., #OnRequest). This will make me easier to get your request fast.
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Shakir Ahmed : My laptop does not have a cd-drive. Is it possible to install redhat 9 on my laptop?? #OnRequest
Syed Ali : can you tell me the link to download red hat 9
Radosław Suduł : I tried installing RedHat 6.2, but after choosing language and keyboard type it asked me what type of device holds installation media and there were only two options - Local CDROM and Hard Drive. I chose CDROM, then it asked me to choose a driver and I couldn't get past that screen, because whatever I chose it returned to driver choose screen. So I decided to try RedHat 9, but here's the same thing - I choose language and keyboard type and then installator tells me it was unable to find devices needed for this installation type. Any help?
Debarshi Roy : Are these 64 bit versions ?
Aya Abdo : please help me to download red hat linux 9
Girish Velivela : hi,
I am trying to installation RHEL 5. But after booting up it showing 'UNKNOWN INTERRUPT OR FAULT ERROR EIP....' . Please help to fix it.
Vishal ele & eng. : can help me hot to download red hat linux 9
PC Srinivas Kadajari : image is not clear
brahmaiah achari : Nice explanation

Red Hat, CentOS & Fedora: Which Is Best for You?

Red Hat is one of the most well-respected Linux distributions in existence, but Fedora and CentOS both share the same Red Hat DNA and are completely free. Here I talk about the relationship between the three distributions, and help you decide which is best for you

The Pro Tech Show provides tech, tips, and advice for IT Pros and decision-makers.

Video timestamps:
0:00 - Introduction
1:05 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2:32 - Fedora
3:51 - CentOS
5:52 - CentOS Stream
7:09 - Which Should You Use?
Anta Samsara : It's been good since Fedora 32 for me. The Silverblue is great too but a little laggy when loading. I am disappointed because Debian 10 doesn't push the edge technology along like Fedora been doing.
Sid : Great video! I walked out with a very clear understanding of the differences between the three distros!
Kavinsandron KR : Thanks buddy.
अजय आनंद : Great Presentation.
Asher Bener : You're very right! I had the same experience with Fedora - unstable and crashes at times. After the first horrible experience with it I switched to Ubuntu and other distros on my desktop and returned back to Fedora, probably twice, but only to be disappointed with the same experience again. Since then I've completely given up on Fedora.
TekTUT tv : the best CGI I've ever seen :)
Ryan : Beautiful video!
Ryan : Can I do the audio ducking for your video pls lol
BIGOTE : Just let me say I've been using fedora since 2015 and it has been great, with amd free drivers on bios and now with Nvidia drivers on uefi, in both cases is very reliable
BIGOTE : Fedora's support is actually 12+1 months, not just 6 months




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